Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girl Time

This week the sisters/aunts/moms and daughters/nieces/cousins had some great girl bonding time. None of us have ever been very good at doing the girlie girl thing, but it was suggested by Aunt Sharon that we need not deprive our daughters of such pleasures, so we all went into the city, had a nummy lunch at La Boulange, bought a bunch of candy at The Candy Store, then had our toes and fingers done. Thanks Aunt Shen!

Down the line from left to right: Ember, Zoe, Haley, Ruth, Joanne, Sharon. Here's a fun game: try to match up the toes below with the girlie girl above. I'll post the answers tomorrow. :)

The answers from top to bottom: Zoe, Ember, Joanne, Sharon, Ruth, Haley


  1. Joanne- are your toes the purple-y ones with the brown sandals? I LOVE LOVE LOVE those sandals.
    By the way, we wear a toe ring on the same toe of the same foot if that's you.
    everyone looks great. :)

  2. Nice toes! Joanne you look so tan and happy. Nice to see your smiling face. Want to come over and have some wine and chocolate chip cookies? :) PS we may be in the bay area in december and January. I'll let you know as plans develop. We'd love to see you guys.