Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Sigh...

We live in the most idyllic neighborhood. And while I won't tell you the actual street, it's even right there in the name. Down a couple blocks are tennis courts surrounded by big shady trees. A creek runs through the neighborhood and there are lots of pretty bridges to cross it while on the many walking trails. Near the tennis courts is a great big grassy green field perfect for playing fetch. There is a playground and community pool with the most amazing views of the rolling Marin hills.
The recreation department offers up so many great programs for the kids. I coerced the girls into taking tennis lessons each morning last week, and at the end they came out asking for another session. (I win!) They asked for swim lessons next week, so they'll have to wait until the week after for another round of tennis. What a lovely summer we are having.
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  1. So happy you all are having a nice summer. The girls look so big! And nice to see a peek of Lucky there. We miss you daily!